Dr. Mohammad AlSabah: There is a Plan to Undermine Our Unity and Spread Discord


August 5, 2012


Former Foreign Minister Dr. Mohammad AlSabah affirmed the presence of security and safety in Kuwait due to the exceptional relationship between the ruler and its people, indicating the existence of some foreign elements working to undermine the country. He pointed out the existence of a foreign agenda seeking to sabotage the region and attempting to divide and separate segments of society, highlighting those trying to export sectarianism from the Iraqi experience to the countries of the region and Kuwait.

Gulf Cooperation Council

AlSabah added, during the Ramadan gathering hosted by Kuwait's Ambassador to Qatar, Ali Al-Haifawi, at his residence in Al-Farwaniya area, two days ago, that the concept of the Gulf Cooperation Council began with the visions and ideas of the late Amir, Jaber Al-Ahmad AlSabah, may God have mercy on him. He pointed out that it was the fundamental idea for establishing the Gulf Cooperation Council system, which was objected to by Iraq at that time and changed to become a council, not a union.

He expressed surprise at the suggestions considering that the union between the Arab Gulf states would dissolve the institutions of the Gulf states, especially by some members of the National Assembly. He pointed out that any threat to Kuwait would threaten all Gulf Cooperation Council states, emphasizing that National Assembly members should strive towards this unity instead of stirring up people's fears.

Military Movements

Dr. Mohammad AlSabah continued: "There is a gathering of dark clouds in the region's sky due to the military gatherings and movements sweeping the region, which signal an increased likelihood of a military strike against Iran." He confirmed that His Highness the Amir is aware of the risks surrounding us due to his long political experience and expertise.

He added: "Kuwait cannot act alone and face all challenges without the assistance of the Gulf states," noting that the Syrian volcano's eruptions would affect neighboring countries because the Damascus regime would not tolerate any shock without reacting towards the region's countries.

He added: "There is a deep rift among some political parties, and it is our responsibility to mend this rift." He explained that there is a planned program to strike our unity and spread discord among society's segments, emphasizing that Kuwait is not just a council and government.

Crisis Management

On his part, former National Assembly member Mohammed Al-Hutlani called for further focus on the leadership level of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to avoid all the crises awaiting our region. He added that Kuwait needs to have crisis management at the local level, especially since there is no coordination between the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the US administration, which has begun sending signals to its citizens to leave the Gulf Cooperation Council countries due to the possibility of war in the region.

On the other hand, Member of the invalidated Assembly Osama Al-Manawer said that the Gulf Cooperation Council would contribute to adding new features to foreign policy. He pointed out that the circumstances surrounding the region would force it to convene this union, explaining that the European countries united despite the significant differences between some of their countries, and that union was the result of prioritizing the common interests of the countries.

Deputy Ali Al-Daqbasi said: "There are many pseudonymous names on social media platforms that strike at the components of society and the National Assembly members, by some suspicious elements."

He added: "In case the electoral districts are amended, he will not run in them with a group of Assembly members," pointing out that any project to amend them should be within the limits of the Abdullah AlSalem Hall and not beyond it.

Annual Tradition

Ambassador Ali Al-Haifawi pointed out that the annual Ramadan gathering is hosted in honor of former Foreign Minister Mohammed AlSabah, noting the large attendance from within and outside the region to discuss the political, economic, and social realities.

Source: Al-Qabas

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