Dr. Mohammad AlSabah to Applied Education Achievers: Keep Excelling to Earn the Honor of Shaking Hands with the Amir


May 23, 2012


Dr. Mohammad Sabah AlSalem AlSabah emphasized that high-achieving students are the true wealth for the country's development and achieving the vision envisioned by His Highness the Amir of the country, may God protect him, because youth are the pillars of the future and they are the cadres that elevate the country in various fields and areas.

Dr. AlSabah pointed out during the fourteenth ceremony honoring outstanding students from the colleges of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training for the academic year 2011/2010 that the presence of a constellation of outstanding students indicates the presence of trained national labor capable of implementing the plan that the country seeks to achieve its development.

Dr. AlSabah called on the high-achieving students to continue excelling to enjoy the honor of meeting His Highness the Amir of the country for outstanding students among the graduates, indicating that the General Authority for Applied Education and Training is one of the streams of education in the country.

A Story of Struggle

On the other hand, the Dean of Student Affairs and Care, Dr. Khalifa Bahbahani, presented his experience, which he described as a story of struggle, where he mentioned that after graduating from high school, he could not obtain the required GPA, but he received support from the late Amir, Sheikh Jaber AlAhmad, who opened the way for him to continue his studies.

Then, he returned to work in Kuwait after obtaining a bachelor's degree in physical education, and after that, the need for assistants was announced through the General Authority for Applied Education and Training to obtain two postgraduate certificates.

Dr. Bahbahani added that seizing opportunities is a necessity and a duty for any student, emphasizing the importance of diligence and perseverance in acquiring knowledge, praising the care and presence of Dr. Mohammed AlSabah in honoring a constellation of outstanding students.


Source: Al-Watan

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